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Smart Contracts

Smart contracts may provide new opportunities for legal personnel. Smart contracts may provide a suitable opportunity for individuals or for simple negotiations between business entities. Smart contracts may also provide a solution for hiring negotiations between businesses and individuals. Smart contracts can help people to negotiate with technology and for facilitating communication for the terms of the contract. Smart contracts may require regulation in the future if the technology is practiced by a growing population. For now, smart contracts are an innovative application of blockchain computing.

== Advantages for Data Analysis ==

Organizations have been faced with the challenge of storing, analyzing, and reporting increasing amounts of data. Traditional data mining and data warehousing processes have been faced with large amounts of data at a rapid rate. Advances in storage capabilities, network capabilities, computer software systems, and enterprise infrastructure has made it possible to migrate traditional data mining and data warehousing infrastructures to service oriented platforms that scale to meet organizational needs. Organizations can coordinate resources across various departments which allows the ability to maintain data in revolutionary ways that transcend traditional data centers. Parallel and distributed computing has created super computers that can take centralized data and process queries and abstract data close to real time. Many industries have benefited from the ability to perform analysis of data. Financial, geospatial, and medical data analytics has found some of the greatest advantages of data analytics and data-as-a-service. Big data analytics has also provided opportunities in other industries as well such as law enforcement, library science, mathematical algorithm analysis, and urban planning. The benefits of being able to compute, network, and store information in the cloud has also provided organizations the ability to reduce the manpower of maintaining traditional data centers and also offered some of the responsibilities of maintaining data to cloud service providers. Cloud service providers can offer subscription based models that allow them to maintain data for many organizations and constantly improve on their services.

Data Analysis Challenges

The challenge of organizations now is to make the transition from a software delivery model to a service delivery model. For over the past decade, the software product was the final deliverable for most projects. But as many of the nuances of software development has been hashed out and many of the stages of software development have also been shortened by methodologies such as lean and agile. The software product is becoming a minuscule part of the software project and what is becoming more important is integrating the software project with other services and products, monetizing the product, delivering the product on an increasing number of devices and platforms, and providing quality assurance and maintenance to ensure that the software product meets an increasing number of standards and policies and higher customer demands. The increasing expectations of customers creates higher expectations on analytics. Customers and businesses require real time analytics, data storytelling, advertising, all while keeping information secure and private.

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