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Application Development

Application Development

The mission of TJG Web Services, LLC is to provide software products and training to companies and individuals around the world. The delivery of software products and learning materials in digital format requires the use of the latest technologies and security measures. TJG Web Services, LLC is constantly looking for ways to improve service to its global customers.

  • Rapid Application Development
  • Unit Testing and Functional Testing
  • High Quality Coding Practices
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Model Based Software Engineering
  • Component Based Software Engineering
  • Technology Education Resources
  • Technology Education
    • Learning Resources
    • Development Tools
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Training
      • Application Development
      • Network and Security
      • Databases
TJG Web Services Blog
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Engineering
  • Emerging Networks
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Optimized Memory Allocation
  • Wearable Networks
  • IoT Network Configuration
  • Distributed Networks
TJG Web Services Blog
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Structured Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Application Programming Interfaces
  • Cross Platform Programming
  • Distributed Development Environments
  • Embedded Programming
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software System Design
  • Database Administration
  • Maintenance Automation
  • Resource Configuration
  • Optimization Testing
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Software Test Validation
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Database Testing
TJG Web Services Blog
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Business Driven Development
  • Software Assurance
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Mobile Databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • XML Databases
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Object Relational Databases
  • Query Languages
TJG Web Services Blog
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Security Requirements Engineering
  • Information Security Management
  • Security Threat Modelling
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Secure Coding Practices
  • Lean Security Testing
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Collaborative System design
  • Decision Making Modelling
  • Real Time Online Experiences
  • Open Systems Communication
  • Solution Engineering
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Enterprise Warehouse
  • Hybrid Warehouse
  • Distrubted File System
  • Big Data Warehouse
  • SQL to Big Data
  • Big Data Management
TJG Web Services Blog
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Big Data Platforms
  • Real Time Data Analysis
  • Heterogeneous Systems
  • Big Data Intelligence Systems
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Graph Databases
  • Graph Database Security
  • Graph Entity Relationships
  • SQL to Graph Query Development
  • Graph Query Languages
  • Graph Data Storage Solutions
TJG Web Services Blog
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Emerging Technologies
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Quantum Computing
  • The Semantic Web
  • Dynamic Machine Virtualization
  • Big Data Applications
  • Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Forensics
  • Big Data in Emergency Service Management
  • Big Data in Sustainable Logistic Management
  • Big Data Analytics in Enterprise Organizations
TJG Web Services Blog
  • Sensors
  • Geographic Information Systemsn
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Sensor Networks and Data Centers
  • Sensor Distributed Network Architecture
  • Sensors and Physical Environments
TJG Web Services Blog

Virtual private servers can be hosted on a physical machine using virtualization technology. The following diagram demonstrates how the database will be stored on a virtual machine using a physical machine and a hypervisor.

VM Environment

Our History:

TJG Web Services was started in 2003, providing contracting services to non profit, educational, and religious organizations.

We provide software development using the latest technologies and the best practices.

We provide consulting services for small and large business to improve processes.

We provide language services with specialties in Amharic, Arabic, and Hebrew.

We provide managed hosting and ongoing technical support.

We provide affordable pricing and negotiable contracts.

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